Our Purpose

Empowering all by organizing information in new and interesting ways.

We process thousands of pages of text data, transforming the ideas contained into consistent data structures. These structures are iterated by statistic and machine learning algorithms. The results are consistent and measurable metrics in words and numbers, just as you would track the temperature, or the value of a stock.

This site is to allow anyone to use the technology that we and our clients use every day to improve engagement and business.


Upload Documents

Upload your set of documents into a category.


Collect Web Pages

Set the location and schedule for our web crawler to load documents into categories.

Transform, Filter, and Tag

Apply transforms and filters to the information as needed. Apply tags to create groups (optional but helpful).

Select Models and Algorithms

Select with classification and machine learning algorithms to apply, or choose from the presets we use.

Select Reporting

Select from one of our reports, or create your own.


Set times for the data to be collected, when the reports are published, when and what notifications to receive (web, email, or text)

Use the Results in New and Interesting Ways

Implement business strategies, use results into your own models, or just know. We built everything to do the hard stuff and to be simple to use. Go forth and profit!!!

Client Applications

  • Risk Management: increase ability to identify and manage risks
  • Knowledge Mining: find important information quickly from mountains of data
  • Fraud Detection: the system examines every word, identifying information that is different from the rest for review.
  • Business Intelligence: identify and jump to content that is relevant to the answer.
  • Content Enrichment: quickly identify and organize data important to primary content.
  • Spam Identification: filter out spam and false data
  • Sentiment Analysis: pull and measure opinions and emotions of a community around a brand, product or name.


Computing and data storage is not free, but thanks to the combination of our secure technology and cloud computing, we can offer pay-as-you-go pricing. We also provide integration services using an hourly rate. We use our own technology for project management, giving you unprecedented access, visibility, and certainty with your project. We use industry leading project management standards, techniques, and continuous improvemet; to provide certain outcomes and reduced risks for over a decade.

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