Our Purpose

Accessible AI for Empowered Engagement

What if you could process thousands of pages of text data, transforming the ideas contained into data?

What if you could use that data to communicate more effectively?

To increase engagement?

We create and provide tools that build, maintain, and improve relationships over time.  We do this as a service, pay as you go.

Service Applications

  • Target your constituents with messaging that moves them — raise more donations, move more constituents to action.
  • Create engaging and interactive story “arcs” — get constituents engaged and invested in your mission.
  • Combine conventional data and AI models to create real time metrics — business forecasting and investment models that rival the largest firms.
  • Research and discover data quickly in large data sets — structured and unstructured, answer your questions.

Engagement Tools

  • Live and automated data acquisition from web sites and file stores — get current data fast.
  • Visual building of models, metrics, reporting, and graphs — fast model build out and tuning, rapid time to value.
  • Live editors that rank and advise on content as your write — make each constituent contact as compelling and aligned as possible.


What is Cool About this Page

This site is a custom WordPress template, based on Bootstrap 4. It follows the same best practices we use for all clients.

(Flip for more details)

Details for Code Geeks

  • The skeleton is Simon Padbury’s excellent BS3 starter theme
  • Extensive customization, including upgrading to BS4 — basically all page templates and menus were rewritten
  • Although we use visual builders for our clients, we do not use one here, since we maintain this site — direct coding BS4 html is faster for us.
  • We added configuration code, as we use this theme for multiple sites.
  • Lots of javascript work
  • Versioning, gulp, and custom bash scripts are implemented to provide seemless upgrading and deployment
  • Contains two custom developed plugins: one for artification intellegence reporting integration, another with custom tools for secure messaging (include new content types, json hypermedia type support, debugging, and elegant error management and notification)
  • This is a good example how we have standardized our offerings — which allows us to collect metrics and improve — thereby increasing value delivered to all of our clients at the same time. This is one of our “secret sauces”.